Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel

Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel
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Baby Foot Exfoliant Foot Peel 

2.4 FL OZ (70ml) (each plastic bootie containing 1.2 FL OZ)

"A Simple Way To Baby Soft Feet"!

Baby Foot Easy Pack: No filing, no scrubbing...a one time treatment. 17 Natural Extracts will not only peel off the dead skin cells, it will provide you incredible moisturizing power and will help maintain your skin's texture.  The main ingredient is fruit acid. It has been used as a folk remedy for the elimination of bacteria, inflammation and psoriasis for several hundred years. 

Baby Foot is simple to use, effective, effortless, and after 3-7 days, the dead skin cells will start to peel off and the skin on your feet will be as fresh as a baby's foot.

Prepare feet by washing and drying.  Wear the sock packs already filled with 17 Natural Extracts on both feet.  Leave on feet for one hour. Remove sock packs and throw away.  Wash feet gently with soap. Now, do 3-7 days the skin will begin to exfoliate naturally.  Do not use files or lotions during this time. Let nature take it's course! Once exfolation begins you may wish to wear some light socks or footies. The process will last a few days and then your feet will look like a baby feet ~ new and refreshed.  You may go back to moisturizing at this time. The process may be repeated as needed.  Every 90 days is suggested. 

Note: Not suggested if you are diabetic, if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the product, if you have open sores on your feet, or other foot damage and if you are pregnant please ask your doctor.

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