FACES by Brandi Blotting Papers with Pouch

FACES by Brandi LLC. Blotting Papers in Black Pouch
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White Blotting Papers with Pouch, Black

Remove excess oil from the face with these white blotting papers that are presented inside a travel pouch. Gently press a sheet to the desired area to eliminate unwanted shine.

Measurements: Pouch: 4.3 inch x 3.4 inch (109.2 mm x 86.4 mm); Paper: 3.9 inch x 2.7 inch (99.1 mm x 68.6 mm)

Material: Cellulose, PVC

Packaging: 100 Papers Per Pouch; Each Pouch Individually Wrapped

USE: The papers are easy to use, and the results are instantaneous. Simply press the paper to the desired facial areas to decrease oil on the skin and simultaneously reduce unwanted shine. The oil blotting sheets come in a convenient pouch that is ready to use. Blotting oil with a tissue is often less effective and may remove makeup from the face. Our blotting papers deliver a fast, economical way to achieve oil control before makeup application or during a touchup. Cosmetic blotting paper is the go-to choice for those who notice too much shine and need a quick, effective remedy.

Best Oil-Absorbing Sheets:

Oil, sweat or both can collect in the T-zone of the face. Our best oil-absorbing sheets offer a smart solution. They are conveniently packaged to ensure that you can prepare the facial skin for an effective application. Before applying or re-applying makeup, you will want the best oil blotting paper, which helps to ensure flawless powder and foundation application. It’s a product that’s been specially designed to perform excess oil removal. Our black pouch of 100 absorbent sheets are a great add on for the perfect face.

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