FACES by Brandi Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser

Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser
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Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser

3.5 oz Bottle w/White Cap

w/ Binchotan Charcoal and Licorice Root Extract Get smooth, even-toned, glowing skin with this gentle, yet powerful, exfoliating charcoal cleanser. This deep pore cleanser will lift impurities, reduce excess surface oils, refine skin texture, and brighten your complexion. 

Features and Benefits: Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that adds water to the epidermal layer while providing homeostasis. • Inter-cellular matrix is composed of many elements that hold cell together. Glycerin is just one example. • Helps prevent dehydration, and dry/wrinkled appearance. • Aids in skin’s immune/healing system. • Extremely hygroscopic (attracts water into the skin from the surrounding air.

Glycolic Acid is an alpha hydroxy acid derived from sugar cane. • Reduces appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots with prolonged use. • Detoxifies pores by thoroughly eliminating dirt and oil, therefore preventing blackheads • and comedones (white heads). • Retexturizes dull and decongested skin by removing dead skin cells and impurities. • Improves overall texture and appearance of skin leaving it clean, refined, and revitalized. • Smoothes rough textures and age spots caused by environmental damage. • Increases cell turnover and collagen formation. Binchotan Charcoal (Charcoal Powder) absorbs toxins and impurities leaving the skin clear(Charcoal Powder) absorbs toxins and impurities leaving the skin clear and healthier looking.

Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside) • Antioxidant Glucosyl Hesperidin a flavonoid found in many citrus plants, as well as evening primrose oil. It • has potential as an antioxidant. There are also studies showing it has skin-soothing benefits. Licorice Root Extract (Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Root Extract) brightens and conditions while helping to retain the skin’s natural moisture balance. • Reduces the appearance of redness. 

Propylene Glycol • Humectant- a substance that retains moisture. Skin feels moist and soft.

Jojoba Seed Extract (Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Extract) • Moisturizer • Improve the skins elasticity and suppleness. Artichoke Leaf Extract (Cynara Scolymus (Artichoke) Leaf Extract) reduces the appearance of pore size by increasing skin elasticity, inhibiting hyper-pigmentation, and brightening the pore wall.

Directions: Apply a small amount onto dampened skin. Massage to create a soft lather adding more water as needed. Rinse thoroughly. 

Cruelty Free BHT Free BHA Free Sulfate Free Dye Free Silicone Free Gluten Free Vegan Kosher for Passover (No wheat, rye, spelt, barley and oats)

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