FACES by Brandi Dual Action Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips

Faces by Brandi Dual Action Makeup Remover for Eyes & Lips
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Master Artists Must-Have

This unique, two-phase remover effectively removes stubborn mascara and long-lasting lipstick. Oil phase loosens makeup; water phase washes it away. Works quickly, leaving skin comfortable and makeup-free.  For all skin types.  Paraben-free.

Features & Benefits:  Get the power of oil with the gentleness of water. Shake until all liquid is mixed (turns blue). Use a cotton pad, ball or q-tip to remove even stubborn mascara and lip makeup. Safe for contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes and/or lips.  Can be used to wet any of our shadows to make the perfect diffused eye liner or liquid shadow...pigment is bolder and stays put while conditioning skin. If you make a mistake such as a blob of mascara – simply use Dual Action Makeup Remover on the end of a q-tip and it quickly fixes the mistake!

Use:  AM/PM when removing makeup or for touch up use. Shake until liquid is combined and use as needed for gentle removal of eye and lip makeup. For PM follow removal with your facial cleansing routine. For touch up or correction of a mistake.  Use in area of concern and continue on!

Cylinder Bottle w/Blk Cap - 4.06 oz / 115 ml

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