FACES by Brandi Vitamin C Serum

Faces by Brandi Vitamin C Serum
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A powerful, radiance-boosting treatment containing 10% Vitamin C. This lightweight, oil-free, potent serum transforms skin from dull to radiant as it protects against free radical damage. Collagen production gets a youthful boost. Skin is more resilient and luminous with none of the irritation and dryness commonly associated with Vitamin C treatment.  Oil free and Paraben free preservative system.

Features & Benefits: Stimulates collagen production. Brightens skin, improving radiance. Provides anti-oxidant protection against free radical and environmental damage. Helps prevent the irritation and dehydration commonly associated with Vitamin C treatments. Paraben-free preservative system.

Key Ingredients:  Vitamin C (Potent active brightens skin, improves radiance, provides anti-oxidant protection and stimulates collagen production). Vitamin E (Enhances anti-oxidant protection).  White Tea Extract (Soothes skin, helping to prevent irritation).  Gingko Biloba Extract (Stimulates microcirculation for improved skin health).  Glycerin (Softens skin and helps prevent dehydration).

Use:  AM/PM. Massage a few drops over cleansed and toned face and neck. Follow with appropriate daytime moisturizer or night cream.  NOTE: This Vitamin C Serum has an oily texture and is absorbed quickly into the skin. Once topped with appropriate moisturizer the oil feel is diminished. However, an already oily skin may not like the texture of this product. If you are oily and desire a serum, please also consider the Enzyme Serum listed.

0.5 fl oz./ 20ml White Bottle w/ Blk Dropper

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