Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Pumpkin Puree Mask

Farmhouse Fresh Splendid Dirt Pumpkin Mask
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Splendid Dirt - Nutrient Mud Mask with Organic Pumpkin Puree

The pumpkinful de-gunker

3.25 oz. glass jar 14-18 applications

Get dirty! Red, blotchy, and oily skin- you've met your mask. Splendid Dirt is a natural, nutrient-rich pot of Illite and Bentonite clays, fresh enzyme-full organic pumpkin puree, and active yogurt cultures that instantly boosts overall radiance by deep cleansing pores, temporarily shrinking their look, and improving the look of broken capillaries and uneven skin tones.

This thick blended puree goes on whipped and velvety smooth, bringing a party-orange pumpkin face that might scare the neighbors, but will seriously de-gunk and help purify even the most congested skin.

You'll feel Splendid Dirt working- a mild tingling sensation begins as oxygenation and circulation increases. The feeling is temporary, and as the mask dries, skin is actually left calmed and soothed, decreasing everyday blotchiness.

It is recommended for all skin types, except those with sensitive skin, at least once per week. 

99.6% Natural - NOT Vegan (has yogurt)- Gluten Free

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