Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Tea Shea Butter Cream

Farmhouse Fresh Sweet Tea Shea Butter Cream
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Sweet Tea Shea Butter Cream

Deeply hydrating, sweetly yours

8 oz. glass bottle with decorative box

Yum! Southern Living Magazine crowned our Sweet Tea Body Polish its Best of Beauty Award Winner, and we couldn't resist a peachy, creamy shea butter to match.

This Shea Butter whip is a jarful of refreshment! You'll be tempted to sip this creamy, supple shea butter that calms even the severest of dry skin. Scented like a southern sweet tea with peach, ginger, and white tea - a light herbal treat!

This cream is thick and luscious but leaves no greasy feel on skin.

97% Natural | Vegan | Gluten-Free 
Sweet Tea Shea Butter is free of Parabens & Sulfates.


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